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Green Compliance Water Hygiene and Treatment is a complete water treatment, water hygiene and air solutions company, dedicated to providing customers with innovative environmental solutions. We specialise in ensuring that we understand our customers’ requirements and how to fulfil them. We do this by providing a bespoke package to give safe water systems, peace of mind and above all complete compliance.

Engineering Services

Water treatment, hygiene and legionella control

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Green Compliance Water Hygiene and Treatment as an integral part of an AIM listed plc has both a corporate and a moral imperative to operate in a manner which is socially responsible. We committed to enhancing shareholder value in an ethical, environmentally and socially responsible mode by considering the interests and well-being of our wider community of stakeholders including our employees, our investors, our local communities, our partners and our suppliers.

Green Compliance’s aim is to deliver contract solutions and products that are aware of the global issues of environmental control, energy conservation, human rights and fair trade. We continuously look for new product innovations (click here to link through to see some of our Innovation) and service delivery techniques which will benefit our stakeholders as well as our wider communities.

Water treatment, hygiene & Legionella Control