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Water Hygiene

Water Hygiene

Cleaning & Disinfection

Green Compliance provide a full range of primary and secondary cleaning and disinfection programmes and solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our broad national client portfolio.

Primary Cleaning & Disinfection

Additionally our team of specialist cleaners have regular experience of working in the following areas of cleaning and disinfection:

Also we work with hotels and leisure as well as industrial and commercial site to descale showers.  The Green Compliance  field team also understand the importance and correct application of the use of epoxy painting to protect systems.  

Secondary disinfection

While thermal disinfection is the traditional approach for legionella control,  the use of secondary chemical disinfection can achieve the same means  or be employed where temperatures cannot reach the desired levels. Where hot water is not required for other uses such as laundry, production or kitchens then it does not need to be stored at 60oC or distributed at 50oC (other than in NHS premises).

If water temperatures are reduced, then any lapse of biocide levels would leave the system vulnerable. Therefore,  if a biocide is being utilised then it will require close monitoring to ensure it is effective which will typically mean weekly checks.

The Green Compliance team can establish a suitable program employing chemical disinfections techniques and control programs to suit your facility.