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Water Hygiene

Water Hygiene

Consultancy & Training

Green Compliance operate across every area of commercial, industrial and public sector organisation:


For Green Compliance customers our consultancy and training range of services encompass the following:

Equipment audit and autopsy

The detailed and precise review of assets and their usage as well as specialist cleaning

Outbreak investigation

Should an outbreak occur we support organisations through the investigation process – we use the well established and scientific seven stage process:

  1. Preliminary assessment in outbreak investigation
  2. Case definition and identification
  3. Descriptive study
  4. Analytical study of the outbreak
  5. Verify hypothesis
  6. Institute control measures
  7. Communicate

Our teams response will be sensitive and appropriate as well as assisting you to meet your statutory reporting requirements.  We will also support our customers in any engagement they may have with enforcement or investigation authorities.

Legionella contamination

Addressing any contamination and ensuring treatment is fast, effective and appropriate for the particular instance.  The Green Compliance team will work with your own HS&E team to both treat the contamination and build a communication plan to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed.

Pseudomonas contamination

In a similar way to the approach which the Green Compliance team take with Legionella Contamination we attack Pseudomonas’ contamination events aggressively using the correct methodology and solutions to eliminate the risk.

IOSH accredited training

In both water hygiene and treatment arenas as well as elsewhere across the wider health and safety world our team have a comprehensive range of training courses to assist our customers.