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Water Treatment Plant and Process Water solutions

Securox SGB®

Many organisations face a dilemma and are concerned with regard to the use of Chlorine based products in their systems – Green Compliance have an environmentally friendly and safer alternative Securox SGB®.  As a ClO2 product, Securox SGB®, is a patented process developed by Thetis Environmental©.

Securox SGB® is  Safe Generation per Batch and it provides sequential dose production which delivers both improved quality and safety.

High quality process

Securox ® is a process which ensures no degradation over time, even when the treatment regime is not continuous

High security compliance

Completely free from danger of hazardous exposure and explosion, even in the unlikely event that containment is lost


Comparison of Securox SGB® against conventional generators

Securox SGB® in common with all the Green Compliance innovations is designed to be a greener treatment.

Giving less corrosion of pipework

Provides safer legionella control in hospitals and other scenarios

Less THMs than with chlorine based alternatives