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Greywater Capture Systems

Grey Water has a broad variety of uses for both domestic and commercial organisations and our team have been involved in the installation of a number of these in the last few years.  Whether it be a roof top capture system to provide water for an industrial cooling process or a site capture system to provide water for vehicle washing facilities our team are able to offer advice on the options available, then design and install the solution before carrying out the on-going service and maintenance.

Following the structure of BS 8525-1:2010 we are able to offer assistance across the full spectrum and size of all the key types of installation: - given our expertise in water hygiene and treatment you can trust the Green Compliance team to make sure any system we install is safe as well as cost effective and efficient for your needs.

Basic physical/chemical systems

Using either filtration to initially remove detritus from the greywater and then on-going chemical disinfection maintains the purity of the water during its storage cycle.

Biological systems

Biological systems use either aerobic or anaerobic bacteria to break up and / or digest any unwanted organic material in the greywater which the system has collected. For aerobic biological systems either pumps or aquatic plants will aerate the greywater.

Bio-mechanical systems

Typically the most complicated of the 5 standard (non-hybrid)  system options these are designed to encourage bacterial action.  This action is typically generated by the use of oxygen bubbles entered into the greywater. These systems combine both elements of biological and physical water treatment.

Direct reuse systems (no treatment)

Without little or no treatment the water collected these are typically basic systems which use simple devices to collect greywater from appliances and deliver it directly to the points of use.

Short retention systems

Using either basic filtration or treatment technique to allow particles to settle to the bottom of the tank. By having short retention periods they avoid water contamination and stagnation.

Hybrid systems

These are integrated systems which use a combination of above system types to provide greywater usage.