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Water Hygiene

Water Hygiene

Hot & Cold Services

The terminology of hot and cold water system is often used interchangeably with domestic systems even although these are found in the vast majority of commercial, industrial and institutional premises.   Prior to the publication of the ACoP (L8) these systems formed the most common arena where legionella bacteria outbreaks were identified, with improved treatment regimes these instances have declined in volume – that doesn’t mean the risk within these systems has been eliminated!  

What it does mean is that the adoption of the practises and policies contained within ACoP (L8) need to be carefully adhered to for hot and cold water systems with an appropriate monitoring and treatment programme in place.

Our team have great experience working across all three main types of hot and cold water systems:

  1. Pressurised systems
  2. Gravity Systems with recirculation
  3. Gravity Systems without recirculation

Additionally Green Compliance work and support out customers needs across the following hot and cold water areas:

  1. Analytical and laboratory services
  2. Calorifier and tank inspections
  3. Descaling and disinfection of outlets
  4. Full range of consultancy solutions
  5. Servicing of TMV’s (thermostatic mixing valve)
  6. Temperature monitoring regimes
  7. Thermal and Chemical disinfection