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Solid Chemicals

Solid Chemical Water Treatment


The Green Compliance solids chemical range delivers concentrated water treatment product in paste form in smaller recyclable packages. These concentrates are then dissolved on site in pre-installed dosing board, whereby the solution created in then dosed into the circulating water as with conventional liquid chemicals.

This technology demonstrates consistency in performance with liquid treatment programs but is easier to use, and offers significant Health and Safety as well as environmental benefits to the client.

The benefits they offer to our clients include:

ChemSafe STX©

If you are one of the many organisations where chemical water treatment is in use, you should answer the questions below:

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then ChemSafe STX© is your solution for state of the art closed system water treatment. It is the leading total closed system treatment approach available in the UK today.

Conventional closed system dosing means that clients suffer from Leaking or sticking valves, splash back from filling bowl, internal corrosion of mixing chamber, contamination with suspended solids…

Following installation of ChemSafe STX© The closed system dosing becomes an all in one shot feeder and filtration system which eliminates the need to handle hazardous closed system chemicals and also incorporates constant suspended solids removal via one robust system. Allows simple, safe and effective management of closed heating and cooling systems.



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