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Mechanical ventilation systems (including air conditioning systems) should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure they are kept free from contamination.

As well as your general responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act there are specific requirements on the provision of ventilation systems and their outputs contained within the Building Regulations Part F – Ventilation (2000) and the Workplace (health safety and welfare) Regulations (1992) as well as the TR/19 HVCA Guide to Good Practice (Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems).  Your Green Compliance risk assessor and engineer understand what these mean for you in practise and will work with your team to ensure compliance.

Our team provide a full portfolio of air hygiene and ventilation solutions to maintain and protect your ventilation systems.

For many customers these commence with an initial site / equipment survey and then can be extended to include:

All of our solutions are backed up by both physical reporting and on-line reporting options available through our customer portal.

Our team provide two main forms of testing and analysis of ventilation systems to ensure that you are in compliance with your requirements under the above regulations using as appropriate:

Wet-Film thickness analysis – typically carried out using the effective means of measuring grease thickness within ducts by the use of a wet film thickness gauge. Utilising the standard methodology of 4 point measurement on a rectangular or square duct our team will record your results and then recommend remedial or preventative regimes to reduce your risk.