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Rainwater capture

With the ever increasing pressure on our water resources across the globe; even in the UK where although we have a high level of relative rainfall, the need to better manage and use the resources is growing.  

Rainwater Capture or Harvest and Greywater usage are important developments in the water management arena within the last decade.

Green Compliance as an autonomous provider with no utility company involvement is able to advise customers independently on what solution is the best for their needs without bias.  

The Benefits

For any system you implement your organisation will derive significant benefits:

Key Uses

The range of approved uses is growing and diversifying over time – amongst the recent uses the water from our systems have been put to are:

  1. Agricultural and garden irrigation laundry
  2. Integration into sprinkler systems feeds
  3. Landscape and plant watering
  4. Plant and vehicle washing
  5. Production or other system driven cooling
  6. Toilet and urinal flushing

The Legislation and Compliance

We understand the complex range of regulation and guidance which covers this area and help our customers navigate through these, including:

Our team have particular expertise in the area of greywater capture systems