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Local Exhaust Ventilation (or LEV) Testing

The HSE have highlighted that “the effective application of LEV requires a good understanding of processes and the dust sources they create.” (HSE website 2012)

Green Compliance and our team of trained experts are well placed to provide you systems with the testing and measurement to ensure that you have that understanding recorded and monitored in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Health and safety law requires  that all organisations need to assess the risks to their workers from hazardous substances (whatever form of particles that may be whether these are dust, fumes, vapours, pollutants or similar) and then take the appropriate measures to provide appropriate levels of protection.

If those measures adopted include extraction systems (LEV) to remove the particulates produced by these work processes, production routines or other activities, then the LEV used must be maintained in an effective and efficient working state in order that it provides the required level of extraction to protect your staff.

Practically this means that a regime which has both a periodic thorough examination and test (at minimum every 14 months subject to volume and levels of usage) and that records of these tests must held for a minimum of 5 years.

By using the Green Compliance team to carry out your inspection regime and then using our on-line, real-time portal to record the results you are able to maintain full compliance with your statutory obligations.