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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Closed System Treatment

For all closed circuit or closed loop water systems the maintenance of the water treatment of the system is essential to its effective functionality.  

These types of system conveniently either heat and/or cool a building in both commercial and industrial settings as well as operating in certain industrial process applications.   

By their design they operate as “closed loops” retaining the fluid within the system itself for an indefinite time period.  Therefore without the implementation of an effective treatment regime the water or fluid within the system can become impaired due to fouling or corrosion eventually if untreated leading to a reduction of heat transfer through reduced system flow.

Additionally the failure to maintain the system can result in control gear (valves) becoming blocked or choked also leading to potential system failure overt time.  control valves can become blocked and inoperative.

The Green Compliance range of solutions for closed systems covers:

Following a good remedial programme properly administered through a trusted and accredited partner such as Green Compliance will reduce cost and prevent system leakage.  The implementation of one of our maintenance programmes also reduces the risk from the build up of Pseudomonas and the associated issues that this brings.