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 Energy Saving Hand Dryer

Improving hygiene, reducing energy consumption

The Energy Saving Hand Dryer, powered by Savortex EcoCurve TM, uses unique energy recovery and curved air drying technology to deliver a super-fast and hygienic dry, whilst dramatically reducing energy usage. It offers the lowest carbon footprint per dry and intelligently reports on the energy used, drying 59 pairs of hands for an operating cost of just 1p - a 99% cost saving compared to a dry with paper towels. Its slim-line design features an in-built and patented energy recovery system. This smart technology curves warm air, directed by intelligent sensors, straight to the users palms, resulting in an invigorating and hygienic dry in just 11 seconds.

Monitoring real-time energy use and washroom footfall

You can monitor the energy your dryers are using in real-time, as the Energy Saving Hand Dryer records usage and washroom footfall, reporting this back to our on-line portal for analytics. This unique intelligence enables you to improve energy management and efficiency in your washrooms, identify usage trends and nidden risks and improve profitability, as well as meet and maintain compliance standards.

Key benefits:

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Energy Saving Hand Dryer